Bead x gallon

Bead x gallon

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Bead X Quick Detail Spray Features:

  • Just 2 Ounces Does a Full-Sized Car!
  • Gives Your Car a Water Repellent Protective Finish in Just Minutes.
  • Can Be Applied To A Wet Car After It Has Been Washed Or To A Dry Car With Surface Dust.
  • Contains No Harsh Cleansers Or Abrasives.
  • Leaves No Residue In Door Jams, Crevices Or Lettering.
  • Quickly Removes Surface Dust, Fingerprints And Smudges
  • Best Detail Spray! Used by the Industries Top Car Collectors and Auctions
  • Great for Clay Bar Lubricant!

Bead X is in a class by itself. Unlike other detail sprays on the market, BeadX will not streak! EVEN IN THE SUN and on glass! Wax Daddy’s quick detail spray can be sprayed on a dry car with surface dust or to a wet car after it has been washed.

There is no wax in BEADX.

A quick application of BeadX will make your car repel water, dust, and road grime.

Bead X is best used for between waxing to maintain that just waxed look. Cleans and protects all finishes between waxing and CONTAINS NO ALCOHOL BeadX Will leave your glass windows streak-free and shining. Other uses: chrome, rims, windows, finished furniture, mirrors, lubricant for the clay bar and Much More!

Applying Bead X detail spray is the quickest, easiest visual improvement you could perform on your car. Our quick detail spray extends the life of your existing wax and acts as a barrier against smudges, road grime, and dust between washes.

BeadX is great for extending the time between major car details. A 5 minute quick detail once a week keeps that deep wet look our customer’s know and love. I get asked all the time if I just waxed my car, no need to tell them it took me 5 minutes instead of a few hours!


BeadX detail spray is easy to apply, won’t harm plastics (You can use BeadX Detail Spray on the entire exterior of your car. Keep one in your car anytime you want to get that just waxed look!.

    Bead X Detail - How to Get the Wax Daddy Shine!

    Mist an area of your car and wipe with cotton terry or microfiber towel. That's it ! No streaks !!! Bead X can be used on a wet or dry car. After washing your car remove most of the water then use Bead X on the damp car to dry and add a just waxed look while increasing the beading action. Also add a few ounces to your windshields washer fluid for a streak free windshield. Many customers add a few ounces to their car wash bucket for a quick wash and bead shine. Also many other household uses.